Inokim Quick 3+ Super Electric Scooter - White

Quick 3+ Super

Larger scooter, giving you bigger performance on hills.

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Quick 3+ Super Electric Scooter - White

This Kick scooter packs a 450 watt geared brush-less motor with the torque to take on hills in urban and city areas. Breaking performance is very good with rear disk brake standard and a much larger platform deck than the super light for the larger persons with larger gradients.

*Scooters are not to be used in the wet or rain due to the Lithium Ion Battery


Dimensions In Open Condition
118 x 48 x 115 cm
Dimensions In Folded Mode
110 x 26 x 24 cm
Max Speed
Max Unlimited speed 30km/h ( Private Property )
Variable Speed
5-25km/h with throttle control
Speed Limited
Top speed preset 25km/h for Australia
Hill Climb Power
Quick3 larger motor and gearbox for larger hills
Deck has a built in handle for ease
Wider deck platform for standing
Preset Speed
Charge Time
5 Hrs
Brushless Motor
450 Watts
Deck Handle
Easy to Carry
2 Speed
Geared Motor
10 inch Pneumatic Rear Tyres
17.2 Kgs
Max Load
120 kg
LG Lithium 48V-13Ah
Top Range
45 Kms