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  • New Release
Samsung Lithium BatteryQuick4 Super Electric Scooter - Silver
Quick4 Super New Release $1899.00 inc. GST
  • Weight 21.5 Kgs
  • Max Load 120 Kg
  • Motor 600 Watts
  • Top Range 55 KM
  • Charge Time 7 Hrs
  • Weight 14 Kgs
  • Max Load 100 Kg
  • Motor 350 Watts
  • Top Range 40 Km
  • Charge Time 5 Hrs
  • New Arrival
DMEGC Lithium BatteryOX Eco Electric Scooter - Black OX Eco Combination of power, weight, size & speed handles anything. $1699.00 inc. GST View DetailsTest Drive
  • Weight 25 Kgs
  • Max Load 120 Kg
  • Motor 800 Watts
  • Top Range 58 Kms
  • Charge Time 7 Hrs
LG Lithium BatteryOX Super Electric Scooter - Black OX Super Extreme power, range & speed handles anything. $2299.00 inc. GST View DetailsTest Drive
  • Weight 28 Kgs
  • Max Load 120 Kg
  • Motor 800 Watts
  • Top Range 100 Kms
  • Charge Time 12.5 Hrs
LG Lithium BatteryOXO Super Electric Scooter - Black OXO Super On/Off road Satisfaction at It's Best $2899.00 inc. GST View DetailsTest Drive
  • Weight 32 Kg
  • Max Load 120 Kg
  • Motor 2x1000 Watts
  • Top Range 110 KM
  • Charge Time 13.5 Hrs

Inokim Electric Scooters

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About Ecoscooters

Eco Scooters and Inokim Australia are the Authorised Importer and Distributor for Australia and opened the first dedicated electric scooter shop in Brisbane Qld. We also have authorised retailers listed on

Eco Scooters focuses on practical clean eco friendly transport solutions. Founded in Australia by entrepreneur Oliver Freeman in 2016 Eco Scooters is where he stocks the newest revolutionary electric kick scooter – currently specialising in the Inokim brand. The electric scooter is more practical in big cities than the electric bike, it can be carried and it is easy to hop off, if needed. The electric kick scooter epitomises urban freedom.

Eco Scooters has invested in the last step in evolution ... Electric Kick Scooters can get you from A to B fast especially with a one charge 25km - 90Km range perfect for the solo traveller to work using Brisbane exceptional bikeways.

Behind the Inokim Idea

“I was always looking for ways to get to places quickly, get out last and get in first … I had bikes, motorcycles, rollerblades, skateboards …”

Nimrod Sapir

Product Safety Australia