LG Battery Choice Inokim Australia


EcoScooters we are the Authorised Distrubutor for Australia of this high end Electric Push Scooter. As part of our manufacturing process and ordering there are 2 types of battery cells for the Inokim Scooters which can be chosen, LG Lithium or a non brand chinese battery cell.

At Ecoscooters we decided to pay the additional cost for the higher quality, more powerful, longer lasting and bigger batterys.  Every model we order has the option from factory for 2 size batteries and these are sold in all of the shops through out the world but we chose ony one option to have the larger battery in every model scooter.

These larger batterys for the scooters are as follows determined by model name Super light, Super light 2, Mini Force, Quick3+ and OX Super.

The difference in having the larger batteries is larger distances can be gained by the scooter and more power.

LG is also a very reliable brand for batterys and thats why we have chosen the battery cells to be the LG brand.

Ecoscooters focuses on practical clean eco friendly transport solutions. The electric scooter is more practical in big cities than the electric bike, it can be carried and it is easy to hop off, if needed. The electric push scooter epitomises urban freedom.

Ecoscooters has invested in the last step in evolution …. Electric Push Scooters which can get you from A to B fast especially with a one charge 20km - 90km range and a top speed of 10-35km an hr more than enough on bikeways an foot paths.