Eco Scooters News

New Electric Scooters Laws Queensland

Check the rules for using rideables or personal mobility device in Queensland.

Inokim Accessories

Eco-Scooters as the importer and retailer stockist will be offering shirts, scooter accessories to order.

Inokim History

Folding e-scooter is shaping the future of urban transport.

Inokim Mini Force Electric Kick Scooter

The Inokim Mini Force, the electric scooter that is powerful, but light weight so perfect for the daily commute to Uni or the local shops.

Lime is Coming to Australia

Electric Kick scooter for hire in public areas dock and hire Australia.

Brochure and User Manual

Super Light - Super Light 2 - Mini Force - Quick 3 - OX

LG Battery Choice Inokim Australia

Inokim Australia are only one of a few importers that only use the LG Lithium Cell Battery's

Inokim OX Details

The New Inokim OX Super Model with larger Lg Battery and updated software.

Inokim OX Urban On and Off Road Electric Kick Scooter

This heavy duty electric kick scooter 800 watt that packs a punch launches in Australia

The Weekend Australia Start Up Electric E-Kick Scooters

USA And Europe Electric Kick Scooters And E-Bikes the Big Change is Australia to follow ?