Inokim OX Super Electric Scooter - Black

OX Super

Extreme power, range & speed handles anything.

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OX Super Electric Scooter - Black

For the ultimate urban off road experience, with a one charge range of 80km. The silent 1000 Watt brush-less motor within the rear wheel packs the ultimate performance backing this is a powerful Lithium LG Battery where the Australian version chooses the larger battery as standard (OX Super+) The OX Super can travel up to 80km off one charge with the unique adjustable front and rear suspension for any off road terrain.

Brilliant at hill climbs and more than enough power for any terrain this is a serious large scooter and not for the discrete user.

*Scooters are not to be used in the wet or rain due to the Lithium Ion Battery


Expected Max Range
LG Lithium Ion, 60 Volts, 21 Ampere/Hour
Max Speed
Max Unlimited speed 45km/h ( Private Property )
Variable Speed
5-25km/h with throttle control
Speed Limited
Top speed preset 25km/h for Australia

Aftermarket LCD Throttle can be purchased separately for private property use for top speed option.
Dimensions In Open Condition
122 x 59 x 130 cm
Dimensions In Folded Mode
122 x 59 x 54 cm
Max Load
120 Kg
Led Lights
Twin led lights for night riding
Big Deck
Larger deck for hill climbs
Hill Climb Power
1000 watts for large hill climbs
Preset Speed
Model Super +
Larger more powerful LG 60Volt 23.2Ah battery
Peak Power
1300 Watts
Independent and Adjustable Front and Rear
Brushless Motor
1000 Watts
28 Kgs
Top Range
Charge Time
12.5 Hrs
Night Lights
Front and Rear
Front and Rear brake lights
10" Pneumatic tyres front and rear